Review: Castle Park and playground, Frodsham

Review written August 2015

Castle Park in Frodsham, about 20 minutes outside Chester, is a real gem, offering something for everyone (and also holds something of a special place in my heart, as it’s where we spent much of my second labour!).

endapril15-076The park is set in the grounds of Castle Park House, now used for council offices and a civil wedding venue, and there is also a large Arts Centre plus a small selection of local businesses. The Arts Centre has a cafe and loos and usually has an exhibition in progress, as well as offering a range of classes and activities, including children’s art classes and a children’s drama group.

There is a small free car park (and a separate car park for those visiting the Arts Centre) next to a large lawn – good for picnics – and the small formal gardens. On the far side of the lawn, next to the Arts Centre, is the main play area, plus a bowling green and a cafe which sells drinks and ice creams and also has loos, including disabled and nappy changing facilities. There is also a pond nearby, although it is fenced off.

The play area includes a couple of sandpits with a pirate ship climbing frame, swings, slides including a high twisty slide, and a roundabout – plenty to keep children entertained for a while before you hit the cafe, especially if you  bring a bucket and spade for digging in the sand.

endapril15-108Various twisting paths lead up a steep hill to a large playing field and a few pieces of play equipment suited to slightly older children, including a zip wire set on a slope which can reach impressive speeds, some bouncing swings, and a rope snake swing. I believe there are also tennis and basketball courts at the top of the hill, though we have never explored these.

Do keep a look out for the dozens of squirrels which call the park home – if you have a squirrel-loving dog then they will be driven to distraction, and toddlers find them pretty fascinating too!

Castle Park is off the A56 just outside Frodsham, WA6 6SE. Entry and parking are both free.


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